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Panel Ebatlama Makinaları

Panel Ebatlama Makinaları

Nowadays we have great opportunities to satisfy your demands with the high quality products. We are proud to present our wonderful choice of wheels and tires. Without a doubt we are the leading company in this sphere. Our company is the pioneer of this business because we provide a great number of new technologies concerning design solutions and some technological specialties. We guarantee the premium quality and fair prices of our goods.

The interesting design is very important thing in our sphere and we are trying to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. We care about the durability of our products and we are sure that it is perfect. As you understand the products of our store are a unique combination of original design, reasonable price and undoubted reliability. Our assortment can satisfy any client’s whim because it’s literally unlimited.

Panel boyutlandırma HOLZMA HPP 250/43/32 BJ. 2008 kesme genişliği 4300 mm kesme uzunluğu 3200 mm tes..

Depolama Sistemli Holzma KirişHolzma HPP 380, TLF 210 ile birlikteEtiket yazıcıya sahip Holzma HPP 3..

Üretici SCHELLINGHayır. ID 801Üretim yılı 2007 21 kW anamotor 1.9..

Açıklama Testere tipiÜretici SCHELLINGNo. 802Üretim yılı 2008 32 kW ana kuvveti 1,9 k..

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